Two-minute review

An increasing number of photographers are recognizing the importance of a dedicated photo monitor for image editing and print preparation, but the expense of pro-level displays has put many off. BenQ has emerged as the champion of affordability in this category and the PhotoVue series SW321C is its new 32-inch, 4K UHD offering. This is an increasingly popular combination of display size and resolution, with the pixel density of 137 balancing enhanced detailing with comfortable viewing characteristics.

With each new generation of its photo monitors, BenQ is delivering improvements in performance and the SW321C incorporates a number of significant upgrades. There’s a new micro-fine anti-reflection coating called ‘Advanced Reflectionless Technology’ (ART) and a reworking of the ‘Uniformity Technology’ to address earlier issues of color and brightness variations. Specifically aimed at photographers is ‘Paper Color Sync’ which is a piece of software that enables the creation of a dedicated color setting based on the printer model, paper type and the color space.



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