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Bees Are Fish and Other Fake Narratives

A friend recently told me he asked the management at a vegan restaurant why they didn’t have honey on the menu. “It’s from an animal, so it’s not vegan,” he was told. He tried to explain that honey isn’t part of a bee but instead nectar that bees carry back to a hive, mix with enzymes, heat, dehydrate . . . Exasperated, he finally said, “It’s bee barf!” (It’s not, but it isn’t prime rib either.) He didn’t win the argument.

I mention this because last month a California court ruled that bumblebees are actually fish and can be protected by the California Endangered Species Act. This is as silly as the Environmental Protection Agency trying to define puddles and drainage ditches as “navigable waters.” Yes, they were saying that a puddle should be regulated like a lake or river. Even before this, the Army Corps of Engineers had a “glancing geese” test, meaning if a migratory bird ever looked at a wet spot, that spot was under federal jurisdiction.


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