Video games are getting more and more repercussions worldwide. A reflection of that success is the appearance of professional players, that is, of gamers who can live with it. For those who achieve it, playing is their profession, and they give themselves body and soul to what they like; A perfect plan that unites passion and work.

But becoming a professional gamer is not an easy task. One of the most important guidelines is to have a machine suitable for the characteristics of this demanding job. A gamer spends many hours in front of the computer, and the current games demand all the power to the team so that having a good gaming PC is an indispensable requirement.

However, he is not alone; Here are some tips to get it.

Clarifications: Professions linked to electronic sports (eSports)

It is important to note, in the first place, that not everything related to making money with eSports happens to become a professional gamer or to participate and win any of the multiple eSports championships that are held annually around the world. There are a large number of professions linked to this world of video games that can make you get an economic benefit by doing what you like the most: follow, interest, and enjoy electronic sports.

These professions include the following:

  • Video game team coach: If your skills as a player are good, but not enough to be in the world elite and yet you have a vast knowledge of the game, its mechanics and strategies, maybe you can specialize in training and leading a professional team on his way to glory.


  • Journalist: If you are truly passionate about electronic sports, you like to know everything and make this information available to the public, either in writing or by any other means of communication, do not hesitate, this is your thing.


  • Marketing specialist linked to eSports: If your thing is to negotiate, have long and tense conversations, and multi-million dollar contracts, get in touch with one of the companies linked to this world.


  • Referee of the eSports: The referees, also known as Admins, are responsible for recording and subsequently visualizing the games that are played live in tournaments to ensure that the pro gamers comply with the rules of the tournament, imposing penalties on those teams or players that break them.


  • Agent of professional gamers: Not everything is games and shows, eSports has its rules beyond what we see in the broadcasts, and every team needs someone who understands how that world works and knows how to move in it to get the best contracts and Benefits for represented.


  • Streamer: Finally, there are the streamers, which, as the name implies, are dedicated to broadcasting and commenting on events and games. To be able to dedicate yourself to this, you will need, in addition to an attractive voice, a good legion of followers and a channel in one of the main channels of visualization of esports (Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer, mainly).

However, this article is focused on how to be a professional video game player, so, once the above is explained, we will give a series of tips on how to achieve it. Indeed, you can work playing video games.

Focus on a single video game

In the world of electronic sports, there are many professional video game competitions and video games to participate in, so we recommend focusing only on one of them because if it is already difficult to master only one of them, it is practically impossible to be an expert at all video games.

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There are many types of games and genres and, therefore, different types of players: shooters, graphic adventures, sports, horror, casino; there are many options offered by video games, and there are as many players as people who approach a screen.

However, those who want to become professionals should focus on the game or the genre that best suits their characteristics and, of course, make them enjoy it. You cannot cover the whole range of games since each one has its own features, totally different from each other. Thus, the best option is to specialize to become the best.

To the question, what video game should I choose? Our answer is: The one you like the most, with the one you enjoy the most.

Choose a platform to play eSports

After having clear what game to spend the afternoon, we must ask on what platform we want to practice it. If you are really going to be a gamer, you will need a gaming PC and accessories that make it easier for you to achieve what you are looking for. In addition to powerful equipment, you will need good speakers or headphones, a microphone in conditions, a comfortable keyboard, or a high-performance mouse.

If you use different computers and you also like to play consoles from time to time, look for devices that can be used on any computer, so the cost will be less, and you will always be accustomed to such accessories. The most important eSports tournaments are played on PC, but there are also several leagues of great reputation on Xbox One and Playstation 4, everything is a matter of taste.

It is a job that requires time and money

The best gamers in the world play many hours a day since it is a demanding job that requires maximum dedication. Consider your preferences and, if you consider that you cannot devote the necessary time, it will always be a great alternative for video games to be a hobby and a way of life. In addition, becoming a gamer from your PC will require you to invest money in suitable devices, since to obtain maximum performance, you will need the best equipment.

The advantage that a quality keyboard can provide or, explained the other way around, failures derived from using a mediocre mouse can decant a game in your favor or against you. Likewise, and although it is not something strictly necessary, it is convenient to invest in DLCs and other extra paid content offered by certain games. The main thing is that you start having fun that you enjoy playing, so you will be sure that you are going to dedicate yourself to something you love. Then, practice and perseverance will make you the great player you want to become.

Alternatively, you can try your luck in other games from time to time and earn money in the process. The people behind MEGA888 understand that a lot of gamers that are aspiring to go Pro need to get some other means of income if they are not making as much as they can with their game of focus. You can try your luck with betting websites of different nature, from casino games, sports betting, or simply play some slots every once in a while.

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Learn from the best professional gamers.

On the other hand, study tactics and above all, follow live or through broadcasts the world championships to learn from the virtues and mistakes of professional video game players.

When you play against other players and lose, accept it. Do not get frustrated, look at everything your opponent has done to achieve victory, and analyze and correct mistakes.

In addition, you not only learn while you play, as websites like YouTube host gameplays and tutorials that will help you improve. Thanks to these contents, you can learn new tricks and strategies that will make you a more skilled and effective player; In short: better.

Socialize with the other professional video game players

The vast majority of eSports video games are team games, so don’t be shy and communicate with the other players; they will greatly facilitate things on your way to glory. Many teams and eSports players have accounts on YouTube channels and have created social media groups such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow them, review the opinions daily, and don’t stop learning from the best.

Also remember to be respectful in your comments and opinions, since what you can say in the wrong way can be a mistake that you pay dearly in the future. Do not forget that you are not invisible in the networks, and as you begin to stand out, the number of followers will also begin to grow.

Train like a professional gamer

Even the most skilled of electronic players will never reach anything without practicing, and I mean practicing a lot. A professional gamer does not reach the peak of his career overnight or by coup de grace. The practice always makes the master, so your next task will be to gain skills and abilities by investing many hours of time in the practice of the game you choose.

A professional gamer can invest up to 14 hours a day in the practice of his game with a routine plan that includes a balanced diet, study strategies, and rest hours. Professional electronic sports teams train approximately 8 hours a day. If you want to live on eSports, you will have to turn them into your work.

Join/create a team of gamers

If we decide to be a professional gamer, we will surely need to form a team to participate in some tournaments. The people whom you decide to be part of your team, or in that case, the team you will join should have a high sense of responsibility and commitment to achieve a common goal. It is useless to ally with other players who will turn their backs on us after the first defeat. The goal must always be clear, and the team must also agree with it.

All the members of the team must choose who will be the captain and should be a selection made in consensus depending on the leadership qualities of each. Remember that many times we can be the creators of the idea, but that does not mean that we are a good strategist.

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Finally, maintaining open and direct communication with all members is essential to strengthen the union and maintain good coordination. Also, make friendly matches between your team and some other team of a similar level (the famous scrims) to help you progress mutually.

Get sponsors for your team

Fan’s growing interest in electronic sports has definitely attracted brands to sponsor eSports teams.Not only are big brands sponsoring teams, but there are also pages and companies that seek to make themselves known. If you request the sponsorship of a company, it means that it will give you a free payment or merchandise so that you can advertise your product.

Esports put brands in front of an audience that, in a way, is very difficult to reach; the users appreciate brands that support electronic sports.

Participate in online video game tournaments

Once you reach a level where you think you are ready to compete, you can sign up for free open tournaments and go climbing positions. Participating and winning in one of the many online tournaments that exist will give you the recognition of the community, the experience of competing with high-level rivals, and, occasionally, the occasional prize. The participation and experiences acquired will help advance your career.

Stand out for your moves, and you will surely attract the attention of some competitors, and if your moves attract the attention of some sponsors, you will start to stand out remarkably, and they can be a very well-paid source of income. The most recognized and popular tournaments are those of League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Fortnite, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Participate in LAN video game tournaments

Once you have already won online tournaments, your next step to be a professional gamer will be to sign up for live (or LAN) tournaments. Start with some local Amateur-type competitions, and as you achieve victories, this will give you the opportunity to move to a pro-level. This is guaranteed. It is also recommended that you attend some of these tournaments as a spectator (even if you do not participate), and you can feel the atmosphere that is lived in a high-level tournament.

Sign up for a professional video game league

Many of the major professional video games leagues allow new teams to participate in qualifying teams from which the teams that will participate in the world championship will be decided. Among the major international leagues, the most prestigious are KeSPA, ESL, ESEA, and MLG.

You may despair looking to stand out among so many players, and you want to be in the immediate future at the top of the podium, but it is not always the best way to achieve it.

“Patience is the key, start slowly.”

This is what Faker says, one of the most recognized players worldwide in the eSports (League of Legends), where he emphasizes that you don’t necessarily have to aim at being professional, you must first be the best of amateurs. Start participating in regional and local competitions, go climbing positions without skipping the steps, and soon you will be at the top of the eSports, competing against the best.



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