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Auto body shops repairing cars from spring storms – KYTV


After one of the worst hail seasons repair shops have seen in decades, they are finally seeing blue skies.

Zach Salzman, the owner of Metalworks Auto Hail Solutions said, “I think this is our first week where we could actually take a breath.”

Since early May, shops around town have been repairing upwards of 25 hail-damaged cars a week. Some of those repairs cost as much as $11,000.

Aaron Burton, the Vice President of Operations for Hammer’s Autoworks, said, “We’ve had cars that had doors replaced, bedsides replaced, windshields glass, mirrors knocked off.”

For several months both companies have been working overtime to repair damaged cars. They are still booked out through August.

“People that have either waited for the remainder of spring to get through to make sure they didn’t get hailed on again or people that didn’t want to brave the crowds,” Burton said.

Burton does not recommend people wait to get their cars repaired, especially if there is damage to the roof, hood, or windshield.

With hail work wrapping up, Burton and Salzman are hoping customers learn a few lessons before our next severe weather season.

For example, do not park your car under a tree.

“I’ve had a lot of vehicles come in that were parked under a tree, not only did they get hail damage… but some limbs broke so they got that additional damage,” Salzman said.

A garage or carport is the best way to protect your car.

“If you don’t have a garage, it’s kind of a test of your luck,” Burton said.

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Salzman recommends avoiding pop up car repair shops.

“They don’t offer warranties and they’re not here to back those warranties. Definitely stick local,” Salzman said.

Before taking your car to a local shop for repairs, read customer reviews, check with your insurance, and call the repair shop to discuss costs.

“Insurance does cover all these things, It’s an act of mother nature,” Salzman said.

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