As usual, the leader of the opposition makes a range of assertions, and every time he gets up I’m not going to…

I think Australians see through those things, Mr Speaker.

On the matter is that the member has raised, whether it was on the very difficult issue that Parliament has been dealing with, and the multiparty approach we are looking to have at that inquiry put in place, I have answered these questions, openly and honestly, in this place, each and every day, about when this matter was raised with me, when it was raised with the office.

Australians know that, that I have been very open about these matters, and when they were brought to the attention of my office, and I have been very open about my displeasure about over the course of that weekend, over the Saturday and Sunday that I was not advised until the Monday.

I have made it very clear to my office that I was totally, that is an unsatisfactory response from my office.

I have been open and clean about that matter. I believe there is an issue to address air, regarding the culture of the workplace of this Parliament.

I believe that is true. I also believe that one of the most important things we have to address is why, whichever side of politics a staff member works on, why they may feel inhibited about raising that matter with the police.

That is the matter that we have to come to terms with.

And how we deal with the privacy of staff members in those situations, and when people have sought to provide that support, where they sought to provide that support based on the advice they receive, clearly that has not enabled or those matters to be raised in a complaint to be lodged, but I do know this, that the appropriate place, the appropriate place for matters of sexual assault or anything else to be dealt with is by the police, and in the courts.

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They are the proper places where investigations should be undertaken and that is the process that I support.



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