AT&T has now reportedly introduced its own mix-and-match style unlimited plan dubbed “Unlimited Your Way.”

The plan is similar to those on offer from some competitors. In effect, it allows users to bring multiple lines over to an unlimited plan but to pay a more comprehensive sum for those plans. There are three tiers of plans available, with different data allotments and benefits. Each member of a group, up to 10 members, can be at a different tier. So users don’t have to pay for everybody to be on the priciest plan just because one member needs to be.

How does the new AT&T Unlimited Your Way plan pricing work?

Pricing of AT&T’s new Unlimited Your Way plan is straightforward but also depends entirely on which services a group needs. Each of the standard The unlimited plans available include AT&T Unlimited Elite, Extra, and Starter. Each unlimited plan variant builds on the previous entry. And costs per line come down with each additional line added to an account.

For Starter plans, prices start at $65 per line but go as low as $30. Standard security, SD streaming, and network slowdowns during busy periods are part of that package.

With Extra, the slowdowns during busy periods won’t start until after a 50GB limit has been reached. And AT&T throws in 15GB of mobile hotspot data per line. The plan also includes “Advance Mobile Security” such as spam and fraud call blocking, safe browsing, and identity monitoring. Plans start at$75 but can go as low as $35.

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Finally, AT&T’s Unlimited Elite Plan bumps up to 100GB before slowdowns, Includes HD Streaming, HBO Max, and advanced security. It also bumps mobile hotspot data per line to 30GB. Of course, that’s also the most expensive variant, starting at $85 for one line and dropping as low as $40.

Any line on a plan can be placed on any of those, up to ten lines. Although discounts are only applied up through the sixth line. So, for example, one family member may need 100GB, HD Streaming, and 30GB hotspot. That would typically cost $85. But, in a family of 6, where only the mid-tier is needed for everybody else, the plan pricing changes dramatically. Three Extra lines could be set at $40 per month, while the Elite line would be $50 per month.

This is available right now

Now, these types of changes are typically laid out in advance. But, with the new AT&T Unlimited Your Way plans, they are already up and available at the official AT&T site and available for sign-up or switching. The move makes a lot of sense since top AT&T-competitor Verizon has had a similar plan available for over a year. And recently added home internet to its own plans.

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