ASHLAND, Ore. — The City of Ashland will reimburse businesses who install electric car chargers in their parking lots. It’s part of the Commercial Charging Incentive Program.

Different types of businesses in Ashland can apply for the program and homeowners associations can, too.

That monetary incentive can change depending on how many parking spots a business has. For example, businesses with one through nine parking spots can install one charger. They’ll get a $500 incentive from the city. Places with more parking spots can install more chargers and get a bigger reimbursement from the city.

The city said it is important to encourage businesses to be environmentally friendly.

“I think if we conduct our business without any regard for environmental impact, after a certain amount of time we might not be able to have those businesses anymore,” said Stu Green, a climate and energy analyst for the City of Ashland. “We might not be here to do that business.”

More information about those reimbursements can be found here.

The City of Ashland said that this program might encourage even more people in the city to use electric cars. Ashland already has the most amount of registered electric cars in Jackson County.

Ashland locals behind the wheel are seven and a half times more likely to drive an electric car than other people in the county.
Driving an electric car can help improve a city’s air quality because they reduce the amount of carbon being released in the air, said Green.

Ellen Babin, a 5 year Ashland local, said she is proud the city is known for being green. Now, she’s trying to reduce her own carbon footprint. She bought a hybrid car this past Friday.

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“I just felt like I was wasting a lot of gas just driving a couple of miles into town,” said Babin. “So, I bought a hybrid. I can plug it right into my house and get here on battery. I don’t use any gas at all.”