Life in quarantine is something many of us will need to get used to.

A birthday celebration in a year of Covid-19
Source: Twitter

Working from home, working from home with kids, educating kids at home and navigating the all-new phenomenon of social distancing is a fresh concept for countless people.

This is not life as we know it but it’s fast-becoming the new normal for now, as the world navigates life with Covid-19 in it.

Jacinda Ardern has called for New Zealand to “go hard and go early” so we can defeat the spread of coronavirus. And many of us doing just that – going hard and going home.

And the now more than ever, the internet has become a place of connection as people everywhere face country-wide confinement.

We take a look to see how the world as it turns to the city of cyberspace, is coping with social isolation.


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