Swiss-Irish baked goods group Aryzta has announced a strategic review of the company on foot of another slump in its market valuation. Eoin Burke-Kennedy reports on the move, which the company announced on Wednesday evening. Separately, Cantillon muses on the development, wondering if it could lead to the sale of the group’s US arm.

Ryanair says it will oppose the near-€800 million government aid to rival Austrian Airlines but does favour transparent support for European airlines hit by the Covid-19 travel shutdown, writes Barry O’Halloran. Ryanair operates an Austrian subsidiary, Laudamotion.

Irish consumers are among the most concerned in Europe about their financial situation, second only to Greece, a survey has found. Ciara O’Brien has details of the research from N26, which shows those in the 45 to 54 age bracket are suffering most anxiety.

This chimes with Central Statistics data released on Wednesday which showed almost half the population aged over 15 years (47 per cent) have had their employment circumstances altered by Covid-19. Eoin Burke-Kennedy and Tim O’Brien have that story.

And in further Covid-19 news, more than 1,000 businesses have signed up to a scheme that sees Gas Networks Ireland temporarily forego charges for businesses not consuming gas because of the pandemic. Peter Hamilton reports.

Facebook has said that a $52 million (€48 million) settlement paid to US content moderators to end legal claims for mental health damage does not apply to litigants suing in Ireland. Simon Carswell and Mark Paul write that the internet giant is paying a minimum of $1,000 to each moderator.

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Back with coronavirus, Karlin Lillington is wondering about the divide between work and home and how it may have been steadily narrowing in recent months.

“People are toiling on their own time to deliver, virtually, all the elements of what their job entails, but without the physical, or even technological infrastructure of their workplaces,” she writes.

One positive to be taken from this period is the burst of innovative creativity to come from Irish companies. From drug trials to tech solutions for managing patient care, start-ups, established companies and universities are all getting involved, writes Ciara O’Brien.

Ciara also takes a look at the newest Samsung Tab, the S6 Lite, which is competing with the seventh-generation iPad. She says the lighter price also means a lighter spec.

And finally, have you spotted any new constellations in the night sky lately? Your eyes may not be deceiving you, at least not entirely, as Neil Briscoe explains – it may all be down to Elon Musk’s satellites.

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