GO Market has made the decision to include a-Quant’s trading signals to selected clients. This means clients can use artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast the movement of their asset portfolios.

AI has been utilized in the financial trading world for a while but has only recently seen more traction in the retail industry due to the demands of traders wanting tools to maximize their gains.

GO Market has promoted this recent change to the public and state that they are happy that their clients can quickly deploy the signals a-Quant services provide, by using this cutting-edge technology.

GO Market adopting a-Quant

GO Market made the headlines earlier this year by adding stocks from the Australian Stock Exchange to be traded on MT5. MT5 stands for Meta Trader 5. It’s an e-trading platform for online retail forex speculative traders.

Forex brokers supply clients access to this software, allowing traders to access live data on prices, charts, or to simply place trades. However, a lot of traders are still using MT4 to trade, so it is clear that GO Market likes to be ahead of the game and join other market leaders by using the latest technologies around.

GO Market is the leading regulated broker in Australia, providing its clients with CFD trading services.  Established nearly 13 years ago, this online CFD trading company is fully engaged in evolving their technology, client education, and tailored services. Offering both commission-based and spread-based trading accounts, they have over 250 tradable CFD instruments, which include Shares, Commodities, Forex, and Indices.

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a-Quant develops state-of-the-art tools for traders and brokers and have been doing so with a team that has more than 25 years of experience individually. These tools use algorithms to forecast financial signals from a few days away to a year, allowing users to optimize their portfolio gains. Their focus is on Stocks, Futures, FX, Indices, and Commodities.

a-Quant are driven by continuously developing innovative algorithms for traders to enhance their performance. Using AI-based (machine learning) for regime detection and combining this with clustering, Hidden Markov Models development, sentiment analysis, and co-integration, they can provide highly-probable trading signals at pre-determined risk/reward parameters. So it seems a natural progression for GO Market to adopt a-Quant software.

GO market has promoted the new service as “Daily Trading Strategies”. The concept is that daily, the trader will receive an email. The most popular FX currency pairs will be listed in this email. The trader will be alerted to approximately an average of 10 signals per day. This information will be valuable to most FX traders who trade at high frequency.

As with all trading software, the signals provided are forecasts only and should not be taken as a guaranteed prediction of future events. As such, any predictions provided are to be used responsibly by the trader, and neither a-Quant or GO Market will accept any claims for losses suffered as a result of the provided predictions. Irrespective of this, the move is a step in the right direction for GO Market and has been hailed as excellent news for GO Market traders.