“Thanks to the ancient Assyrian stone carvers and the chance find of this object, we have the only known image of an Israelite king.

“Jehu was not of royal lineage, but a commander of the Israelite army.

“After being anointed king by Elisha the Prophet, Jehu waged a coordinated attack and killed Joram king of Israel, Ahaziah king of Judah, and Jezebel the queen, along with all of Ahab’s family. Thus, Jehu effectively eradicated Baal worship from Israel.

“He then seized the throne of the northern kingdom of Israel in the capital city of Samaria and, likely in order to make his throne more secure, he submitted himself to the superpower of the time, the Assyrian kingdom and its leader Shalmaneser; this submission is so wonderfully illustrated on the Black Obelisk.

“This extra-biblical discovery mentioning and portraying Jehu once again demonstrates that the historical accuracy of the Bible stands up to the keenest scrutiny.”


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