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Apple TV+ hit it out of the park with another successful original in Loot, which streamed its first three episodes in late June. Beginning with the story of billionaire Molly Novak discovering her husband’s infidelities, the show is as much a comedy as it is a starting over story about finding purpose while also being a clever parody of obscene wealth. It’s a funny show, but at the heart, Loot showcases a woman reinventing herself and finding her strength and independence in the face of adversity.

While the show doesn’t feature a lot of characters, the ones who have appeared have stood out for their humor, heart, and individual storylines.


Not Sting

Not Sting and Molly taking a selfie together on Loot.

He was only in one episode but the look-a-like of the famous musician made an impact. During a night of partying away her sorrows with her assistant and friend Nicholas, Molly was sure a man she ran into at the party was Sting. He was not, in fact, Sting and tried very hard to explain this to her.

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In her intoxicated state, however, Molly continued to insist she was right. Rather than run off, the man decided to simply go with it and pose for a photo with her, which led to her falling into the pool. It was a moment of clarity for the woman grieving for her failed marriage and the catalyst for Sofia calling Molly to come in for a meeting.


Hailey from Loot standing in John's closet by his suits.

Hailey was only seen a few times, the attractive, young employee who John – played by Adam Scott in a far cry from his likable role on Severance – was having an affair with. During a later television interview as an official couple, it was clear that Hailey was going to push John into adventurous things he had no interest in and that would quickly get old.

Yet her enthusiasm for having a new billionaire tech mogul on her arm, oblivious to the fact that she likely wouldn’t last long and he would probably do the same thing to her that he did to his ex-wife, made her someone fans despised yet also sympathized with.


Ainsley hasn’t gotten to show her full personality just yet, but her moments with Sofia and the team show that she is one of the quieter, more reliable workers who might have a wilder side beyond wearing shirts that say “Brunch Babes” with her friends. She could become a bigger character going forward.

For now, however, Ainsley is a hard worker, one of the team, and someone who Molly might be able to confide in going forward. Fans aren’t quite sure what to make of her yet, which is why she ranks lower down on the list.


John from Loot on the yacht talking to Molly, Nicholas in the background.

John is a stereotypical character, a tech billionaire who has it all, including a loving wife, but never has any time for her. He does, however, have time for his young, attractive girlfriend on the side. When caught in his lie, he moves on quickly and plays it off as though he is the victim.

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The subtle way he talks badly about his ex, noting that he thinks she’s in over her head with the charity since the work is a lot more involved than throwing an elaborate party, has fans even more angered with him. But that’s precisely the point, and fans can’t wait until he is left eating his words when Molly inevitably becomes successful on her own.


Rhonda from Loot in the boardroom, hands up talking up her weekend.

Rhonda is one of the longest-term workers for the company and someone who has dedicated her life to the job. However, she is also the clueless, hapless woman who always needs to be reminded of policies and procedures. But there’s also something else brewing beneath the surface: it seems there’s a lot more wildness to her than meets the eye. The character would fit right in the cast of one of the best workplace comedies of all time.

For example, she wanted to give Molly a massage to help her relax while studying, completely unaware that doing so would be a major human resources issue. When she had her few seconds to discuss her weekend, she talked about enjoying some “Netflix and Chill” time with a man.


Howard from Loot sitting in the boardroom, smiling widely.

Molly’s cousin who she doesn’t remember, Howard got his job because of his relation to her. But he takes it seriously, as he does his relationship with his long-term girlfriend. His interactions with everyone in the office, as well as his girlfriend, have viewers in stitches.

He is someone, however, who will always be in Molly’s corner seeing that they are not only co-workers but also family. Fans are curious to learn more about him and his personal life, as well as what it is he does at the company beyond “running the computers here, or whatever” as he explained to Molly.


Arthur from Loot in a shirt and tie, hand on his hip smiling at Molly in the foreground.

The company accountant, there’s an obvious spark between Arthur and Molly that has fans curious about where it will go. He’s a regular guy who Molly might not pay much attention to beyond the odd conversation but notices that he does thoughtful and sweet things.

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With chances of a relationship between the two developing, fans love his sweet and innocent nature, his dedication to his job, and his desire to do better with his daughter who he claims dislikes him. He may be the one to teach Molly about the little things that matter beyond wealth and material items.


Nicholas from Loot with a backwards hat, hands caressing his face.

Molly’s right-hand man and personal assistant, there is nothing Nicholas doesn’t do for her on Loot, which should rank among the most exciting TV shows new to Apple TV+ in 2022. He is always there, whether she needs someone to party with or has to be present at a meeting. He is at her beck and call but also seems to be ok with it because he benefits from her riches.

They appear to be true friends, even though Molly pays him as an employee. Interestingly, it seems his friendship with Molly is deeper than any other he has with anyone else. He knows her better than anyone else and fans love how supportive he was of her during her roughest time.


Sofia from Loot sitting at her desk, looking annoyed, Molly seen on the opposite side facing her.

Sofia, played by MJ Rodriguez, who played one of many LGBTQ +  characters that impacted TV history, comes across as very rigid and regimented, but she slowly loosens up as she gets to know Molly. She is the perfect person for Molly to partner with, as she can teach her about a good work ethic, responsibility, and doing things for others. Meanwhile, Molly helps teach Sofia that it’s ok to let loose once in a while.

Sofia’s reluctance to having Molly on board along with her patience and confidence in the woman scorned is admirable. While she has no choice but to do whatever Molly wants, she also isn’t afraid to be intimidating if she needs to be. She’s good at her job and she knows it. And she’s smart enough to recognize that having Molly around can also work for the greater good, even if it sometimes becomes an annoyance.


Molly from Loot holding binders and books smiling with her fist in the air.

Molly is the main character on the show and by far the most interesting. She represents any person who has been scorned and has worked to find themselves again. While she goes through her period of grief, she also picks herself up again. She’s also tremendously funny, even without intending to be.

While much of what she does is fueled by anger and trying to prove something, she is also slowly realizing what’s important in life. She might have billions, but it seems Molly also never became a rude or inconsiderate person, always speaking kindly to her staff and treating people with respect. She appreciates her wealth and is sometimes ignorant of the world because of it. But she has still maintained her humanity despite her tremendous riches.

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