Q: I’m debating getting my first smart phone. I have an old flip phone, but I think it’s time to finally get with the times. Do you recommend the Apple iPhone or an Android device?

A: I have to work with a lot of people with all different kinds of phones. In my experience, if you’re not the tinkering type, the iPhone seems to be the best option.

They’re reliable, and Apple provides good customer support for them. Not to mention all of the online support you can find from Apple.

Androids tend to be so diverse from vendor to vendor that you just don’t know what you’re getting. When I am trying to configure an Android phone for something like email, I have to search for instructions based on the mode. With an iPhone, the menus are always the same.

Some cellular providers provide operating system updates for Android while others do not. Apple provides continuous updates for all of its current models and it’s more of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Of course, there are some pretty inexpensive Android options out there so I can see their appeal. But generally speaking, a cheap phone is going to be lacking in features and capability.

Just keep in mind, you don’t need to buy the most expensive iPhone out there. The recently released iPhone SE has a very good price point and can compete quite well with its top-of-the line offerings.

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Q: My AT&T email account is in tiny print for incoming and outgoing messages on my computer. Is there a way to make the print larger since my eyes are not as good as they use to be?

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A: If your email is through AT&T, I am guessing that you access your email using a Web browser.

While there is not a setting in your AT&T account for changing the text size, you can change this within your browser.

When using a Windows computer, one of the best features I have found as my eyes continue to fail is the keyboard mouse combination of the Control key and the scroll wheel.

If you hold the Control key and scroll back and forth this will cause the page you are viewing to increase and decrease in size. This allows you to easily enlarge or shrink what you are looking at to make it easier to view.

Macs offer something similar with the Zoom option. To activate this, open System Preferences and then click on Accessibility. Locate Zoom in the left-hand column and select Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom.

With this option enabled, you can enlarge your entire computer screen with a simple gesture that works no matter what application you are using. I find it very handy for reading the fine print.




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