Apple Reportedly Scrapped iPhone 14 Pro Chip Last Minute – HYPEBEAST

It turns out, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro was originally supposed to utilize a next-generation GPU that supports ray tracing, according to a new report from The Information. For those unfamiliar with the term, ray tracing is an advanced form of graphics rendering that simulates the behavior of light, allowing for immersive 3D graphics.

Despite Apple’s alleged plans, however, the iPhone 14 Pro uses an A16 Bionic chip, a model not too dissimilar from the A15 found in its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro.

The report details that while Apple had planned to use the next-gen GPU in its new phone, the company’s silicon team discovered crucial mistakes in the processor at the last minute after being “too ambitious with adding new features.” Engineers were successful in supporting ray tracing in the chip but later found that the feature required too much power, resulting in the chip overheating and draining battery life.

Engineers caught the mistakes too late in developing the iPhone 14 Pro and were forced to opt for the A16 instead. Sources told the publication that the mistake was “unprecedented in the group’s history.”

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