Hours since the first Apple Silicon Mac benchmarks leaked come a fresh set of numbers detailing what could be Apple’s next iMac release.

An iMac with Intel inside

While we all anticipate Apple will introduce its first Apple Silicon Macs later this year, the company has told us it will continue to support and to sell Intel-based Macs.

China Times has previously told us to expect a 23-inch new iMac this year and it’s thought the first retail Macs based on Apple Silicon will field 8-core A-series chips – but the next iMac will be based on Intel.

Apple is surely beginning to experiment with a new design language.

This was suggested at WWDC when the company led its new macOS announcements with a lengthy segment exploring the new icons and user interface design concepts.

These changes all nodded to the past, but opened up the platform to the future, with many speculating the icons were becoming increasingly unified across all Apple’s platforms in preparation for deployment across new platforms.

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