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Apple Please Steal This Tech for Apple Watch

Speaker 1: I just came back from the world’s largest tech show. You may know it as the consumer electronic show, c e s. I have seen the cutting edge tech of the future tech for rich people, tech for normal people, and in all seriousness tech that can actually change our lives. That is coming this year. And the one tech company that dominates our lives was not at ces. Apple never has a booth at ces. So [00:00:30] before I wrap up my reporting on the show, there is one more thing I need to do.

Speaker 1: Um, I have some notes here to share with Apple, Mr. Cook. It’s okay if you couldn’t make it to ces, I can tell you all about the new things that you need to add to your products right away and it shouldn’t be a problem because apples are really, really good at taking other people’s ideas and putting their own twist on them. So Apple, here are some ideas you can totally steal and we all would appreciate it. Like how about never having to recharge your [00:01:00] Apple Watch ever again. Now what was that company called? I have it somewhere here. Hold on.

Speaker 1: Don’t count on battery Tech to get any big leaps in innovation anytime soon. Your Apple Watch battery life is not gonna change all that much from one version to the next, but one company at c e s is showing us how to think differently about charging the watch with the energy around you. This is a smartwatch band called Be Heart. It’s [00:01:30] from a French company called Barra Kota and it never needs a power supply. It charges itself with solar energy and body heat and it powers itself with your motion. You can see the light sensors on the wristband as little squares and all that data it collects goes to an app to show insights on your health, your sleep quality. It also shows how much energy you’re producing. Now I have heard of some smaller companies working with perpetual motion smart watches in the watch world.

Speaker 1: You [00:02:00] would call this a self winding or automatic watch or the energy is generated by a rotor that moves as you move and it harvests small bursts of energy. But this be heart band is a little different because it collects more than just that. It’s also harvesting light and heat and it’s all just in the band. You can attach any normal clock watch to it. The tech is just the wristband and that one a c s innovation award in sustainability. [00:02:30] There’s so much untapped energy all around us. So could something like this band be used to keep your Apple watch alive even in like say a bare minimum mode when you don’t have a way to charge it? Turning the wristband into something that gathers energy could fix. The most annoying thing about owning an Apple watch, having to charge it every night or having to worry about it being dead if you travel and leave your charger at home.

Speaker 1: Cuz that happened to me on a family road trip vacation the other week and no little convenience store seems to carry extra Apple [00:03:00] watch chargers. I had to look at my phone to check the time like a barbarian. The price point on the be heart is perfect. This band starts at $100 and is coming in April. Only $100 for the tech and Apple is out here selling $100 fabric for its Apple Watch bands. Listen Apple, this fits in with your company goals. You have this whole system designed with iPhones and Apple watches to communicate with the world in an emergency or if you’re stranded, but it’s not gonna do any good if we’re outta battery, right? Yeah. [00:03:30] Now what else we got here? Let’s see. Let’s see. Electric speed boats. Oh, robot helpers. Hmm. Not that kind of robot helper. Ah yes. Party fridges. Consumer electronics are personal and we like them to reflect our personal style. We are seeing that concept shifted into high gear with every aspect of technology, even refrigerators. The LG mood up has panels that you can make glow in any color that fits [00:04:00] your mood for the moment. And it’s not just LG doing this. When I visited the Samsung booth, I saw custom colors. You can order for its bespoke series fridges. You can even put unique art pieces on the French doors. Now Apple knows a thing or two about color

Speaker 1: Like that. 24 years ago in the late nineties, we had Apple IMAX rocking, translucent bright colors. And today’s 24 inch screen iMac offers a rainbow [00:04:30] of choices. But why is it just the iMac? Apple? Let’s bring this custom color idea to the products we actually carry around with us that we wanna show off the MacBooks, the laptops. If you don’t make a whole laptop of color, then how about bring back a light up Apple logo? Maybe do your own spin on the color changing tech we see in the LG fridge. Give the apple a pop of color to accessorize with an outfit, a pop of color for conversation in the coffee shop if a refrigerator can get some [00:05:00] pizzazz and so should my laptop come on app. Don’t be afraid we can do this. We can bring color to the MacBook. Sorry. Gold doesn’t count as a color. There is a heightened focus on personalization in all tech. We even saw it in automobiles. BMW put a digital face on its front grill with e ink. It’s this kind of thing that can increase loyalty with a brand. Just saying

Speaker 1: There was so much buzz over wireless television. And by that I mean a TV that doesn’t [00:05:30] have a jumble of cords in the back. Not needing furniture that holds your TV and also holds your many set top and streaming boxes. LGS Wireless O Lid has one transmitter box sitting 15 feet away to beam all the content to your TV. Apple Pay attention. Here is where you could really level up Apple TV boxes. Just make one giant transmitter box that can beam to multiple televisions in the home. Treat it it like the idea of airplay, but by having [00:06:00] a signal go to different screens and it would solve so many pain points. There’s the obvious fix of not needing a big cabinet to hold everything. You could put the furniture wherever you want and you don’t have to have multiple HTMI connectors in the back. But what if I just needed my Apple TV connected to one cable box and that could beam to any room in the house, saving me from having to pay for multiple cable boxes if I want live tv.

Speaker 1: Or maybe you beam the same show to multiple TVs [00:06:30] in the house. Almost like a party mode. There is something here where you can get people excited about investing in Apple TV because today’s TVs, they can already pull up Netflix or streaming apps. I see no need to buy an Apple TV right now in my life, but something like this could make things easier in our homes as a hub because our lives, they’re getting more corded and cluttered. Now this is gonna be a big year for Apple to launch into VR and AR with some sort of headset and [00:07:00] we are all hungry for something different. And there was a lot of different at ces, so much very different. It’s really cool to see headsets get smaller. HTC five XR Elite was shown off. It’s less than half the weight of the MedQuest Pro and it has dials to adjust to some basic prescriptions.

Speaker 1: So you don’t need to wear glasses underneath. The whole thing also fits into a carrying tube. Now, I can’t say what I want Apple to steal here because, well, I don’t know what Apple is doing with its rumored headset, but maybe [00:07:30] Apple will have a way for us to have fun in new ways, make things lighter, make us have legs in the Metaverse shift all as a company that puts straps on your legs and torso. So you can do anything in the metaverse, the controllers, strap on and flip back in your hand so you can grab a drink in the real world without dropping your controls. And um, there’s also this mouth muting mic. Can

Speaker 2: You hear me? Can you hear me?

Speaker 1: Uh, yeah. I think we’re good on this one. Don’t need to steal that. No matter what Apple’s gonna need to show us [00:08:00] how it has a new twist on what’s already out there to make it easy to dive into VR and to get people interested because not everyone is as interested as this guy. C e s is always special because it’s this what if dream about the future Presented with a little bit of magic and a little bit of tape that’s holding the prototypes together. Imagination really comes into play here. This year’s show felt like the tech I saw was focused on the real world, on things being useful [00:08:30] and helpful for the earth, for accessibility for healthcare. And I hope we get to see that reflected in all aspects of new products this year. But just not folding screens. Okay, please. Samsung had folding screens.

Speaker 1: I just want to say Apple. Don’t go stealing any of that stuff. I mean, it looks cool I guess, but please, I need some stability in my life this year. And the more things that move, the more they break. Yeah. But maybe you do want that. Drop your thoughts in the comments. How would you work in future tech into today’s [00:09:00] Apple products? In the meantime, I’m gonna go book a spa day or something to recover from c s. Maybe get me one of those face massage machines. Just roll it around. The eyes feel rejuvenated. 2023. Yeah.


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