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Shazam has rolled out a new update that the Apple-owned music recognition service says will enable the app to identify more songs than before.

Popular music recognition service Shazam has rolled out a new iOS update that enables the app to identify even more songs. One of the most popular music recognition apps worldwide on any platform, Shazam is now owned by Apple. The app uses a device’s built-in microphone to detect songs based on audio fingerprints stored in its database. It is available on a number of platforms, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, Android, and Wear OS.

Shazam has been available on the App Store since 2008 after originally launching as a text message service in 2002. The app recently reached the milestone of one billion recognitions per month, further establishing its position as one of the most popular apps globally in its category. Apple has also since made the ShazamKit available to developers, allowing third-party apps and services to integrate Shazam’s audio recognition technology into their products.


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According to Shazam’s listing page on the App Store, the app has been updated to listen “harder” and “longer” to allow it to identify even more songs. Shazam normally identifies songs within the first few seconds, but the update, which is rolling out as version 15, should make the app more powerful and result in it listening to tracks for longer periods in case it cannot pinpoint their identity quickly. This will likely make it more useful even when the tracks are relatively unfamiliar.

Shazam Is Now Part Of iOS

Over the years, Apple has integrated Shazam into iOS as part of its plans to make the service more popular among its user-base. The company added the service to the iPhone Control Center in iOS 14.2 by introducing a Shazam toggle which can be switched on to recognize any track. Of course, integration with iOS is one of the benefits of being an Apple-owned service considering third-party apps cannot have Control Center toggles. Apple also offers a Shazam widget that allows users to see up to four recently identified songs.

While Apple is making Shazam a more useful app with new updates, the company is facing roadblocks in other areas. For one, Apple was expected to bring its digital driver’s licenses and state IDs to devices by the end of this year, but that has now reportedly been delayed until next year. The company was also recently slapped with a fine of €134.5 million (around $151 million) by the Italian antitrust authority for alleged conspiracy over the sale of Apple and Beats products on Amazon Italy. As for Shazam, it remains an integral part of Apple’s portfolio and the latest update should only make it more useful going forward.

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