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Apple might sell 95 million iPhone 14 smartphones – Game News 24 – Game News 24

Apple told suppliers that the iPhone 14 line is expected to sell better than originally thought. According to the Taiwan Economic Times, the company increased the number of devices that it plans to manufacture and ship at 95 million, up from 90 million to the expected number of machines that it carries.

According to the report, Apple ordered its suppliers to increase the number of iPhones they will ship and build to 95 million units, 5 p.m.c. from earlier expectations. According to the company, the highest-end iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the most popular device for the company.

The manufacture of the iPhone 14 will start this month as part of the large supply chain is increasing in the past few weeks. The iPhone 14 series is set to consist of two 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models including the iPhone 14, the iPad 14 Max, the iPad 14 Pro Pro, and the iPad 14 Pro Max.

In the cheaper and more expensive iPhone models, users can expect several notable changes. One example is upgraded camera capabilities with a new 48-megapixel lens, performance with the A16 chip and more.


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