Apple Laptop Lineup Shakeup – MacRumors

What if Apple put a MiniLED, Promotion screen into the current MacBook Air, rebranded it as the MacBook Pro, discontinued the current MacBook Pro, then released a 12″ MacBook Air alongside the 15″ MacBook Air, so their lineup looked something like this:

12″ MacBook Air – M3, 2.0lbs starting at $999

13″ MacBook Pro: M3, 2.7lbs starting at $1199

14″ MacBook Pro – M3 Pro/Max, 3.5lbs starting at $1999

15″ MacBook Air – M3, 3.0lbs starting at $1499

16″ MacBook Pro – M3 Pro/Max, 4.7lbs starting at $2499

Could you guys see this come to fruition?



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