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Always keen to cover all bases, Apple have filed for an exhaustive series of new trademarks on iPhone text as it relates to their retail packaging.

This includes the stylized M for Metal which represents their low-overhead API for hardware acceleration in regards to graphics on Apple platforms.

As revealed by Apple-focussed website Patently Apple, the company also filed for the trademark “iPhone” as it connects to packaging with the US Patent Office #97731505 under International Class 016 covering everything from Cardboard boxes and containers, to  Paper wine gift bags, Food waste bags of paper for household use, Pet waste bags of paper and Shopping bags of paper.

No doubt we’ll all sleep easier knowing our Apple dog poop bags are trademark safe…

To understand this all better, the US Patent Office defines a “specimen” as an example of how a company is actively using their trademark in the market with the goods or services related to their application – so back to the dog poop bags.

It’s what consumers see when considering if we want to buy stuff or subscribe to services provided by Apple in connection with their trademark.

Apple filed for their trademark under International Class 009, covering things like downloadable application software and downloadable software for processing, transmitting and displaying text, data, images, audio, audio visual content, and other multimedia content.

They also filed for all of this in Hong Kong under application #306122592.

Obviously fans of paperwork, they also filed for a registered trademark certificate (RTM) for “Live Text”, which the US Patent and Trademark Office issued on January 3.

This was filed under International Classification 009, covering things like computer software used to identify, read, decipher, copy, paste and translate text embedded in photos and other images.

Last in the trademark flurry, they filed application #306146424 in Hong Kong for the trademark “Magic Keyboard Folio”, covering things like computer peripherals, keyboards, trackpads, accessory for a handheld mobile digital electronic device.

In light of all that, this is all important as the trademark registration will only protect classes identified in the original application – so all this would be of vital importance should a court battle arise – even the stuff about the dog poop bag.


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