Keeping up with the promise of adding new games almost every week on its online subscription-based gaming service Apple has added a bunch of new games to the platform and to make the things easier for you, we have put together the list of recently added games. Check them out.

Roundguard: A bouncy dungeon crawler!

Developer by Wonderbelly Games, Roundground is a bouncy dragon crawler adventure game with pinball physics. The game has lots of loot and a random castle full of oddballs. Players have to put their luck on test against hordes of dangerous monsters and other challenges.

Crossy Road Castle: Endless Co-op Platform Fun

This is another game by the developer of the popular game Crossy Road. However, with Crossy Road Castle, developers have added the multiplayer mode to the game allowing players to bring their friends to the endless spinning tower climbing run along with the solo mode.

Loud House: Outta Control

A game by popular cartoon TV channel Nickelodeon. Loud House is based on the popular cartoon series Lincoln Loud and his sisters, where players have to guide their favourite Loud character to complete the assigned objectives. The game has multiple paths for characters to complete a task. Along the way, players also need to collect the collectable to get bonus rewards and points.

Charrua Soccer: Retro Soccer Reimagined

If you love playing soccer games, then Charrua Soccer is the game for you. The game offers several game modes to choose from such as Friendly match, Competitions, Penalty Match and Party Tournaments. The game also comes with several competitions including Global Cup, American Cup, etc. Charrua Soccer offers 3D graphics and comes with simplified controls.

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