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Just hours before Apple AirPods Pro second generation go on sale, Apple has already unveiled a software update for them. The new AirPods Pro are tremendous—you can read an indepth review of them here on Forbes—but Apple has just released a software update which you should apply as soon as possible. This is the first time such an update has happened so early, literally hours before the headphones go on sale.

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The trouble is, it’s not as simple as an iPhone software update. To make the magic happen with AirPods, all you can do is leave your earbuds connected to your iPhone or iPad. The AirPods will be in their case and connected to power. Providing they’re paired with the iPad or iPhone, they should update.

But it’s a slightly mystical process, so it’s not clear if this will take hours or days. At launch, the firmware version is 5A374, found by going to Settings and choosing the AirPods item you’ll find there.

With AirPods Pro second generation, there’s no need to go to Settings, then Bluetooth and then find the AirPods in questions. The new earbuds and the latest software provide direct access to the headphones in a standalone entry in Settings, assuming the AirPods Pro are connected.

Leave them nearby and they should update to the desired version, 5A377, after a while. I know, how long is a piece of string, right?

Apple doesn’t say what the update will bring, but bug fixes are the most likely. The timing is unusual, to say the least, and I’d point out that there were no issues evident in the review sample I tested for Forbes, so it may be that it deals with a rare issue.

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