The Recon legends information gathering abilities make Bloodhound, Pathfinder and Crypto a valuable addition to any team in the Apex Games.

Meet the Recon class of Apex Legends: Pathfinder, Bloodhound and Crypto. These three legends are adept at gathering intel, a skill that benefits the entire team. Season 6 of Apex Legends introduced significant buffs to the Recon class, including the ability to use Survey Beacons, an action only Pathfinder could perform previously. Now, armed with the knowledge of the next Ring location, Recon legends are a valuable addition to any team.

Each legend offers unique abilities and strengths. Those that gravitate toward long-distance encounters might be intrigued by Crypto. In contrast, Pathfinder’s mobility may appeal to aggressors that don’t shy away from a battle. Now well into Season 7, Apex players will be hard-pressed not to encounter a Bloodhound on any team. Thanks to big buffs, the Technological Tracker is the only Recon legend to make the battle royale’s Top 5 Most Played Legends list. So, let’s review some tips and tricks for mastering Apex Legends‘ Recon legends.

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Bloodhound evolved from the Old Ways to a skilled Technological Tracker by utilizing tech to hunt down enemies. Their passive ability highlights various clues, including footsteps, which can be used to follow retreating enemies. Bloodhound’s tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, releases a scan that outlines hidden enemies and traps. Beast of the Hunt is Bloodhound’s ultimate and one of the strongest in the game. It heightens Bloodhound’s senses, gives a significant speed boost and reduces their tactical cooldown time.

Unlike some legends, Bloodhound’s abilities work excellent when combined. After tracking down enemies, Bloodhound can pinpoint their locations and activate Beast of the Hunt. The speed boost will allow them to close the distance and continue to scan hostiles for their team. Plus, for every enemy Bloodhound downs (not kills), five to fifteen seconds will be added to their ultimate timer, depending on the ability’s remaining duration time.

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Aside from comic relief, Pathfinder offers significant mobility. His Grappling Hook allows players to reach high locations or jump in and out of battles to reposition or heal. Make sure to prioritize using Survey Beacons when playing Pathfinder. Not only does it reveal the next Ring location, but hitting a Survey Beacon reduces Pathfinder’s tactical cooldown and fully charges his ultimate. Once attained, Pathfinder can use his Zipline Gun to transport his whole team to hard-to-reach vantage points or cover ground more quickly.

The battle royale’s lovable robot is the ideal legend for more aggressive players that favor mobility and aren’t afraid to battle from above. Considering enemy teams can also use Pathfinder’s Zipline, it’s not a bad idea to pair the Forward Scout with a Wattson or Caustic. Both of these Defensive legends can lay traps at the end of Zipleines to cover their tracks.

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Of Apex Legends‘ three Recon legends, Crypto is the tech nerd of the group. Unlike Pathfinder and Bloodhound’s up close and personal combat styles, Crypto’s abilities cater to distance engagements. His main gadget is the Surveillance Drone. The aerial drone can fly 200 meters away to scope out enemy locations and loot. Thanks to Crypto’s Neurolink passive, any useful clues are automatically highlighted for the team. Using the drone, Crypto can also ping banners to identify the number of enemy squads within a 200-meter radius.

When discovering enemies, Crypto can use the drone to emit an EMP blast that deals 50 shield damage, slows targets and destroys traps. Although friendlies take no damage, they will be slowed. So, Crypto is best paired with mobile legends like Pathfinder, Wraith or Octane. After using an EMP pulse, the team can rush the affected enemies using a Zipline, Portal, or Jump Pad to quickly close the distance. If anyone goes down in the process, don’t fear. Crypto can use his drone to snag teammate banners from a safe location, and can even use his drone to safely bring them back at a Respawn Beacon.

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