Google very recently released an unexpected developer preview of Android 11 for Android TV, only available for the ADT-3 developer Android TV device. The 9to5Google team have been busy pouring over the preview software system to find the changes and look for clues about the leaked Sabrina Android TV device. If you didn’t catch Jared’s article about Sabrina, you can check it out here, but in short – this appears to be the first Google-branded Android TV device since the Nexus Player, released in late 2014. The Sabrina device is set to come with a few features that set it apart, including Google Nest branding, a remote control, and a new user interface. Oh and one more thing: the price is rumored to be below $80.

The Sabrina device sounds exciting, but as with all rumors it’s important to not get too excited, and to wait until we have similar information from multiple sources (or, of course, it’s officially revealed). 9to5Google’s digging through the preview operating system has uncovered more evidence of the Sabrina device, specifically in the shape of a video clip showing users how to reboot the device. The reboot process is to remove the power for three seconds, before reattaching. This is the same recommended procedure for other Chromecast devices. The video mirrors the design of the hardware including the same “G” for Google mark – the earlier hardware renders appear to be legitimate.

For the software, the device could be primed for release running Android 11. This mirrors what we see with the Made by Google phones, as the Pixel family are typically released alongside a new major release of Android. Previous Pixel phones have been released in October, so assuming Android 11 for Android TV is ready at the same time as normal Android 11, we might see Sabrina released alongside the next Google Pixel phones. The developer preview of Android 11 for Android TV followed the normal procedure very quickly, but there’s no telling if this speedy turnaround will continue, or if it would even be desired. After all, Android 10 for Android TV was released in December, two months after the phone software was available.

It may not matter what version of Android the Sabrina device comes with when eventually released, if the price stays around the rumored $80, and it keeps the new user-friendly interface. It’s going to be an exciting few months waiting for the new Made by Google products!

Source: 9to5Google

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