Alien life experts have recently managed to spot a massive UFO close to the Sun. It is said to resemble a solar anomaly and is claimed by experts to be the UFO of practically incoherent scale. This comes only a few hours after there has been some investigation surrounding photos taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite.

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Size of the Alien Cube Ship

A popular alien hunter named Scott C. Waring has stated that the said UFO (Alien Cube Ship) is believed to be ten times the size of Earth at the very least. He added that the planet Earth has a radius of 3,958 miles (6,37km), as opposed to the UFO which covers over 39,580 miles (63,370km km). Scott also added that the UFO appeared from the core of the Sun. This is the place where it feeds off the energy. Scott also shared a picture in a blog post and stated that he added some light and focus to the image which would allow viewers to spot the red material assembling around the hull.

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He explained that the red material could be a special particle that resulted from the Sun. As for the cube, it features a black exterior which is non-reflective in nature, however, it has the ability to absorb. He also explained that the cube is in the Sun’s northern hemisphere and is also frequently spotted coming from the sun. It is also believed that non-reflective cubes have either formed a hollow sun that can live within to generate the energy or it simply features some special elements that are yet to be discovered.

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Waring also said that cubes have more control over the sun as opposed to humans and that the alien species have likely been in existence even before the Earth.

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However, according to some space experts who were associated with NASA, there is a far simple explanation to all of this. A NASA engineer named James Oberg has called these UFO sightings as “space dandruff” floating at the entrance of cameras. He also added that a human brain isn’t trained to grasp these little objects floating around the planet.

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Image credits: NASA



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