AirGarage offers the solution for all parking owner’s needs in terms of logistics, securing new customers, payment collections, management, and so forth with an all-in-one mobile application to monitor the client’s needs. The startup founded in 2017 offers a smartphone application that sums every requirement needed to manage a parking spot in an area.


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The three-year-old start-up company, AirGarage, began with the ideals of providing better parking solutions and services that are present in today’s technologically-advanced society. Every process and trend lies on each person’s smartphone, making vehicle parking one with technology eases the whole process of finding one. 

AirGarage: All-in-One Parking App for Customers and Business Owners


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AirGarage offers an all-in-one application for both parking space owners and customers which will utilize the app for their convenience and requirements. Customers which use the app can get connected to parking lots that have available spaces and even its owners who rent the location. 

Business owners which specialize in car parking benefit the most from the application because of its numerous features and tools which aim to alleviate the complex process of managing parking spots. Instead of an individual method of contacting parking customers, the application compiles every client with its own registered profile, vehicle, and payment method. 

The application ensures better agreements among the parking owners and customers that use the space and store vehicles whenever in a place. AirGarage can also reserve spaces for guests and visitors, reflecting the number of slots available in a specific location. 

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AirGarage: How Did it Start?


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According to Grow Wire, Scott Fitsimones, Chelsea Border, and Jonathan Barkl initially conceived the idea of AirGarage during their sophomore year at Arizona State University last 2017. The expanding number of students that bring their cars to campus faces the lack of parking spaces within the university’s vicinity. 

Initially, Scott Fitsimones was paying $1,800 per semester for a parking spot that has a faraway location from Arizona State. The parking frustration led Fitsimones along with Border and Barkl to associate with nearby homeowners and rent out their parking spaces. 

According to Fitsimones, this decision led to the ASU student to pay only $80 for the entire school year. The discovery grew to connect several students in need of parking spaces with homeowners.

The business venture led the trio to partner with local businesses, hotels, and a church to open up their parking spaces to those in need with a 70-30 split in revenues. The trio’s business venture led to opening up numerous parking spots that are available for anyone and not limited to students only. 

AirGarage: Funding and Business Rise


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The founders of AirGarage dropped out of ASU to focus on AirGarage and its app full-time. By 2018, the trio had 250 parking spaces in downtown Arizona alone. Fitsimones and his company left Arizona and set up a base in San Fransisco, which began to receive its $2 million funding from Angel investors and the so-called “venture capitalists.”

Currently, the company’s first round of investments in 2019 amounts to $2.1 million from Floodgate, Founders Fund, Weekend Fund, and Angels. The company remains as a privately-owned company headed by 23-year-old startups Scott Fitsimones, Chelsea Border, and Jonathan Barkl.

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