AI art: Artificial Intelligence creates logos 'from scratch' in world first

A  has until now only been considered as a tool able to augment human creativity. However, as the cutting-edge tech continues its inexorable rise, experts now recognise machine learning as capable of making an impact of its own in the arts.

Artificial intelligence is now becoming an increasingly important tool for business.

This is due to its impressive ability to generate inspiring blog content to designing a completely new and unique brand logos.

And although there are already several AI logo ‘generators’ already on the market, these simply generate logos from a list of pre-existing templates.

But AI-powered website-building platform Zyro is now rolling-out its world-first artificial intelligence technology able to literally ‘draw’ new logos from scratch.

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Zyro’s Head of AI, Tomas Rasymas told “Previously, creating a professional logo was a lengthy and costly process which involved expert help from a designer.

“In fact, the average UK small business spends £750 on designing their logo.

“But new, experimental AI tools — like our new logo generator — will soon make it possible for businesses to create a logo for their brand without the hefty price tag associated with hiring a designer.”

As part of their ongoing experiments, Zyro’s team have been training the AI to draw new logos for some of the world’s biggest brands.

A free version of this logo-generation technology is already available for use on the Zyro website.

This provides users with the ability to pick from thousands of unique and professionally designed logos hand-drawn by AI.

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And after selecting the most relevant image for their brand, users can simply adjust the logo’s size, colour and font to perfectly match their own business.

Once the design process is complete, marketers can simply click download to receive a fully-licensed high-resolution logo that is ready for use.

You can browse the logos drawn by Zyro’s technology, or customise your own at Zyro

Although this logo creator is the first of its kind, AI has been making waves in the art world for years.

Christie’s auctioned off a piece of AI artwork titled the Portrait of Edmond de Belamy for $432,500 in 2018, making it became the first auction house in the world to do so.

And Google’s Dreamscope uses traditional images of people, places and things and runs them through a series of filters.

But although the output is technically original, many have described the finished product as the stuff of nightmares.


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