Riverside police detectives are investigating the family of a nonverbal, developmentally disabled man who was finally identified after more than six months of extensive work.

Detectives and a “DNA Detective Team” have identified the man that police found unconscious in a Santa Ana river bank last Christmas Eve, Riverside police said in a news release.

The hospital reported the name the man was admitted under belonged to someone else. Police then began an investigation in January.

“Originally, this case appeared to be a possible identity theft of medical insurance, but detectives started to suspect this person was developmentally disabled and non-verbal, with no way to communicate who he was or where he lived,” the release said.

Detective Brian Money spent nearly six months utilizing several investigation methods to identify the man, whose name is not being released by authorities for legal purposes, while he was being nursed back to health.

After Money used facial recognition, fingerprints comparison, social media and posting fliers to neighboring communities, genealogist CeCe Moore reached out to police. Moore’s team was able to identify two family members for the man who was unable to speak or identify who he was for himself, police said.

“Several of the man’s family members did not want to be involved and were uncooperative as to providing any information,” the release said. “Finally, the DNA Detective Team located two family members who were able to provide information that helped identify the man.”

The case was still under investigation as detectives are looking into why nobody from the man’s family filed a missing person’s report.

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Detectives also are looking into possible fraud committed against the man and his financial benefits by his family members, as he is eligible for medical benefits as a person with disabilities.

Southern California News Group Staff Writer Brian Rokos contributed to this report.