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The US and Huawei have had an insane saga of trade bans, negotiations, and legal proceedings this past year. It’s been one of the most widely reported feuds ever between two entities, and at this point you have to assume there’s just too much bad blood to really work anything out.

Except now it turns out the US has changed their minds and will let Huawei help develop 5G standards alongside US companies. That’s clearly the only fitting end to these twists and turns.

Huawei will help develop 5G standards

This new rumor says that the US has drafted a bill that will allow US companies to work alongside Huawei. This doesn’t change any of the existing trade ban ordeals, so don’t expect this to reverse the missing Play Services on Huawei phones; however, it will bring Huawei and US companies together back into the 5G game, which is critical for them going forward.

As the world’s largest telecommunications equipment company, banning Huawei from dealing with US companies threw a wrench in literally everyone’s plans. But problematically, it put US companies a huge disadvantage, since they weren’t able to work with Huawei in meetings and partnerships that helped develop standards for 5G. Long term this will eventually leave the US behind in 5G network development.

It’s hard to guess how this will eventually end up; it could be the first brick in the dam that gets Huawei back into friendly territory with US companies. It could be a singular move just to keep US companies from being disadvantaged. And, all things considered, this bill will still have to pass, which isn’t a guarantee.

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Should make for an even more interesting year.

source: Reuters

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