In recent weeks, Apple introduced enterprise-focused updates at WWDC, Jamf filed its hugely successful IPO and Apple acquired Fleetsmith. This frenetic Apple-in-the-enterprise activity is generating lots of conversation. I spoke with Addigy founder and CEO Jason Dettbarn,to get his take on mobility, IT and Apple’s growing place in enterprise tech.

What next for Apple in the enterprise?

“We see Apple continuing to build more tooling and investment in the enterprise with MDM,” Dettbarn said via email. “Additionally, we’re extremely excited about Apple investing in fabricating its own silicon for Macs, as well as huge investments in macOS, and the provision of cross-functional iOS Apps now becoming available on the Mac.

He’s also got high expectations around the future of Apple notebooks.

“While it may take a few years, the modern laptop, through the innovations of Apple Silicon, may see its next large leaps in innovation,” he said. “Development right at the silicon layer means there will be advancements in enterprise security and management that will also be ground-breaking.

The cloud is coming

Dettbarn worked at IT vendor Kaseya before quitting his job and launching Addigy to build a cloud-based IT management platform for Macs.

He notes the built-in Unix core of Macs as part of his motivation for building the platform, noting the “infinite extensibility” of the platform. “The modern cloud platform era is here, and tools like Addigy are growing quickly,” he said.

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