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Adam Kinzinger says more Jan 6 witnesses coming forward after explosive Cassidy Hutchinson testimony

A member of the January 6 committee has confirmed that new witnesses were continuing to come forward to speak to lawmakers following the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows, this past week.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on State of the Union on Sunday if the committee was still seeing new people come forward to testify following her explosive testimony to the panel on Tuesday.

“Yes,” he responded, while declining to name any sources or discuss the committee’s internal deliberations.

“This happens every day, every day we get new people that come forward and say, ‘Hey, I didn’t think maybe this piece of the story I knew was important, but now that you guys are taking a look I do see how this plays in here,’” Mr Kinzinger explained.

The committee is set to hold at least two more public hearings in the weeks ahead, but the panel could choose to hold more than that if sufficient new evidence deems it necessary as they did with the hearing for Ms Hutchinson’s testimony last week.

The final hearing is set to be in prime time to allow for a wider viewing audience, similar to the expository debut hearing that the panel held in June.

A stream of new evidence now would increase the likelihood of more hearings being called, and more damning revelations about Mr Trump’s response to the violence of January 6 or his efforts to overturn the election prior to the attack on Congress could, as a result, be on the way.

Mr Kinzinger is one of two Republican members of the committee, the other being vice-chair Liz Cheney. The panel has maintained an atmosphere of bipartisan comity following the decision by GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to pull his nominations from the panel after two were rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One of those two nominees, Jim Jordan, is now being sought by the lawmakers on the panel as a material witness which suggests that his presence on the panel would have been a clear disruption to its efforts.

Other Republicans have denounced the committee’s remaining members as being supposedly embarked on a partisan witch hunt but the panel has fought that accusation by centering almost the entirey of its public hearings on testimony from Republicans including former members of the Trump White House, Trump campaign, and inner circle of Donald Trump’s advisers.


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