The letter from David White prompted me to write my first letter to the editor.

His letter reminds me of the comments and meanness the Vietnam War protesters suffered at the hands of the “patriots.” Somehow being against the policies of the government is equated with being un-American and treasonous.

I intensely dislike President Trump, mainly because of the way that he treats the less fortunate among us, both in this country and internationally. That does not mean that I am not patriotic, nor does it mean that I favor Kim Jong Un, Hassan Rouhani or the Chinese government. Nor do I know any one of my liberal (progressive) friends and relatives who does not hope that a verifiable agreement can be reached with North Korea, Iran and China. To assume that those of us who really dislike President Trump means that we want the worst for our country turns patriotism on its head.

Somehow Mr. White seems to think that President Trump’s policies are the best policies to stop “friends losing their jobs, neighbors losing their homes, families losing their savings, or soldiers losing their limbs or lives” in his words. As an Army veteran I believe we can disagree on policies. The fact that some of us do not trust President Trump or agree with his policies does not in any way mean we are against our country.

— Jim Ponzio, Chico


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