A new Galaxy Note could launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S22 next year –

Early 2022, it is expected that Samsung will most likely announce their new Galaxy S22 series, but it seems that we might be getting more than that. A tweet by @chunvn8888 claims that Samsung might actually announce a new Galaxy Note handset as part of the Galaxy S22 launch.

The company could be renaming some of its phones. Right now, Samsung has the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but come 2022, Samsung could rename the Galaxy S22+ to the Galaxy S22 Pro, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra might actually be known as the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

There have been some concerns about the fate of the Galaxy Note series. Samsung cancelled the launch of the phone this year due to chip shortages, suggesting that it might still be alive and not completely killed off as per earlier rumors. Now according to this tweet, it seems that maybe Samsung could simply integrate the Note series into the Galaxy S-series by replacing the largest model.

Like we previously said, as phones get larger, the differences between the Galaxy S-series and Note series started to get smaller, so instead of spending time and money into developing a separate line, it makes more sense to just kill off one of them. In this case, Samsung might have actually found a happy middle.

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Take it with a grain of salt for now, obviously, but hopefully more details will emerge in the coming months.


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