9 Skills That Can Help You Generate a Side Income

Making money on the side has a lot to do with skills as much as luck.

Aside from your usual day job, it is smart to have a side hustle as this can elevate you to the status of living debt-free.

Obviously, there is a lot you can achieve with the on-the-side money you generated and really, it is not that complicated to have a side hustle.

The problem is that; most people don’t know how to go about it. They worry that they will need a significant investment in money and time to learn a special skill, or that they will get over-committed and stressed.

Well, here is something to note; most side hustles nowadays require no special skills at all. Think hobbies and how easy it is to turn what you love doing into additional income.

It could be anything at all, that allows you to stay in complete control of your time, and can also make a huge difference when it comes to your personal finances.

Therefore, having a side income can be benefiting especially when you need to save for something big such as starting your own business or earning enough to cover your living expenses; Either way, here are skills that can help with that.

Skills That Can Help You Generate a Side Income.

1. Public Speaking

Public Speaking can be a difficult and sometimes terrifying skill to learn. Although, for some people, public speaking comes naturally.

Undoubtedly, there have been times when you’ve felt jitters just standing in front of an audience, and at that moment, you made a decision to conquer your fear and speak your piece or to let that jitters get to you.

Either way, it won’t be the last time a need for it will arise in your career or day to day life.

Therefore, find a group that teaches and encourages public speaking, if that’s your niche or probably, you want to learn. Toastmasters is a fantastic group to get you started.

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2. Pet Grooming

Are you an animal lover? If so, why not turn that into a side hustle? This article will look at how to become a pet sitter, but there are also a few other options involving pets, like dog walking and grooming.

If you already have a pet, taking of other pets with grooming products may not even add that much responsibility or require significant changes to your routine. It can be a pretty easy way to make some extra money.

Many pet owners are too busy to take care of their pets on their own. You can help those pet owners, and also help the animals. You’ll be making money and genuinely helping others and providing a needed service at the same time.

3. Teach English Language

Understanding and knowing how to speak the English language is a huge advantage for people in many countries around the world. 

There are several opportunities on the internet that allow you to teach English to people around the world through video chat sessions and can you earn as much as $22 per hour!

If this tickles your fancy, then you should consider applying to Education First and VIPKid to build your online English teaching career.

Education First is known for encouraging repeat classes and pays around $20/hour while VIPKid is also a great option for those seeking flexibility as there is no minimum or maximum amount of classes to teach and the pay is pretty good too–up to $22/hour.

4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing could be a good fit for you if you like to write.

The days of writing for leisure are slowly fading, nowadays, you can get paid to write an article for a business or a publication. 

The pay varies depending on the client and article length. Your experience also plays a vital role in how much you can earn.

There is various outlet that supports freelance writing such as Upwork, fiver, or Contently. You’d also have to create a profile and writing samples on these sites so as to attract clients to your work.

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5. Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys in your free time can be a great way to earn some extra money. These surveys are not time-consuming and usually last 10 minutes at most sitting on Sunpan.com/can rugs.

You could be earning $5 to $20, sometimes $50 for some really crucial ones.

There are a lot of survey sites online but you can get started with Survey Junkie.

The cool thing about Survey junkie is that you can take on multiple surveys.

6. Drive Others for Cash

This has quickly become a ‘thing’ in this day and age. Companies like Lyft and Uber actually pay you to drive others.

The factors that enable you to earn are not really complicated, it basically depends on the following:

  • Number of miles traveled
  • The time it takes to complete a route
  • Type of vehicle you drive
  • Your city size
  • Current demand for rides.

Driving things to others is also another option to consider. For example, Postmates is a top on-demand delivery service looking for delivery partners. As a Postmate, you would deliver restaurant meals, grocery orders, and liquor orders. It says on their website that drivers can earn up to $25 per hour!

7. Affiliate Marketing

You can get paid just for referring others to products or services. For instance, Amazon pays you when visitors buy products through your links. Not just Amazon, there are other companies that offer rewards just for being the connection that ensures their products are being patronized online.

It is essential that you have a blog or website to post affiliate links. Also, ensure that traffic is being generated so as to boost your sales and earn more.

8. Taking Care of Senior

America has a lot of old people. Old people run the country, old people have most of the money, and old people do most of the voting. Senior Citizens, they are called, and are. The elderly are an important part of the United States; they help keep the country running, and the economy going. Seniors have 77% of the nation’s wealth, and 40% of its disposable income.

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As being old requires having lived a relatively long time, most old people also have a lot of information and wisdom to share with those who are younger, and their advice, although often unasked, is usually helpful. Unfortunately, there is a problem; Old people are, in a word, old. Things that become old tend to become frail, and people are no exception to this.

Frailty is a certain byproduct of age, and with it comes needs, the need of care and nurturing and assistance with daily tasks. In fact, of seniors who are living in LTC (Long-term care) facilities, 83% need at least some assistance with daily tasks. Old people need either help cooking or to be cooked for, often need help walking, or bathing, or even changing their clothes. It is all part of what happens when people age, naturally, but they still need help and you can find the best psw jobs near me.

9. Graphic Design

If you’re creative and like to design things, then this should be a great fit for you. A graphic designer visually communicates an intended message of a project.

It can be achieved in a number of different ways, from designing t-shirts to brand identity, which includes designing logos, brochures, business cards e.t.c.

These skills are all great options with flexible hours. You can easily do this on the nights and weekends and still live stress-free.

Despite your day job, you can drive, design, market, even write as a side hustle. What matters is you are working fewer hours and being your own boss.



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