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For most automakers, the 80s was a challenging decade. Slowly, but surely, we saw more and more cars get electronic fuel injection as standard fitment and turbochargers actually started getting usable in the mass-market.

As a result, some of the high-end sports cars were pressured to include as much technology as possible, it gave us the legendary Porsche 959, but unfortunately for every 959 there were several that got it wrong. Sports cars that would age really badly and usually depreciate faster than any owner could believe, today, they are classics, and as much as they are valuable, that doesn’t mean they are good.

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9 Ferrari Mondial

1982 Ferrari Mondial Front Quarter View
via Ferrari

Arguably the most infamous Ferrari of all time, not for any one awful problem (pretty much all of them have that) but for its sheer lack of performance.


Most cars that had 200 horsepower in the 80s were doing OK, but this is a Ferrari, a pretty heavy Ferrari at that, so those 200 horses only managed to get it to 60 in around 9 seconds. It quickly became a laughingstock, other brands loved using it in their marketing because their hot hatch (or pickup) was “faster than a Ferrari.”

8 Maserati Merak

Maserati Merak - Rear quarter
Via Bring A Trailer

Initially built as a baby Bora to satisfy a demand for smaller sports cars, the mid-engine Merak was actually amazing to drive and even more beautiful.

Maserati Merak Interior
Via: Classicdriver

Unfortunately, like most Italian cars, it rusted badly, only the Merak was a deceptive beast as it rusted from the inside out. Whatever you do, never buy one of these sight-unseen!

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7 BMW M1

Front 3/4 view of the BMW M1
Via FavCars

In an effort to pretty much show off what they could do if they so choose, BMW developed their first and to date only real supercar.

via BMW

With only 450 made, these are excessively rare cars, race cars numbered around 50, making them even more rare. Getting one of these will mean you have to pay a proper supercar premium for a car that isn’t made by a premium supercar manufacturer and can get outgunned by a hotted-up Miata.

6 Excalibur Series IV

Via: Pinterest

We have seen how many brands use the retro theme in their vehicles today, usually going back around 40 to 50 years. This is one of those cars, just made 40 years ago for a different group of nostalgic buyers.


Today, without the nostalgia appeal, we are able to see it for what it really is; a wannabe, an ugly old wannabe. Ironically, it is now worth almost as much as the cars it was based on…

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5 Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda
Via Classic Trader

Aston Martin were desperate to stay relevant after years on the sidelines, the result of that ambition ended up in a rather odd looking car. It isn’t beautiful, nor is it ugly, just odd.

1982 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 Saloon
Via: Pinterest

That unique look wasn’t the problem though, adding a whole list of untested technology to the car was to be their downfall, with even the most talented technicians unable to trace all the electrical faults these cars came up with.

4 Porsche 928

1979 Porsche 928 Cropped

Today, there is a lot of love for these old front engine Porsche’s. There really shouldn’t be, though, they were quite simply awful cars.

Via Road and Track

Porsche largely has a reputation for making extremely reliable sports cars, this is an example of one that isn’t. It is also a V8, so incredibly thirsty and that added weight takes away from the handling, forcing them to market it as a GT car.

3 DeLorean DMC-12

Via: Wsupercars

If you have ever been up close to one of these, you will actually get an idea of just how close they were to making the dream a reality. Sadly, the car, and the man behind it, both ended up falling from grace all too quickly.

Delorean Engine

A few bizarre decisions lead them to building a factory in a war zone, then another couple bad decisions lead them to using a rear mounted PVR V6 that killed the performance and handling. Today they are worth a small fortune thanks to the incredible story behind them and its movie-car exploits.

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2 DeTomaso Pantera

via reddit

We would be lying if we didn’t say we wanted one, but the time to buy came and went in the 80s. Back then they were getting sold for peanuts, because, well, that is all they should be worth.


Poorly made, prone to rust and pretty average muscle car-like handling made Ford realize they were having the wool pulled over their eyes and stopped selling them. That didn’t stop DeTomaso from buying engines and making them right up until the 90s.

1 Lamborghini Countach

source: wsupercars

Just because it was the single most popular poster in history does not make it a good car, as a car, it actually isn’t any good at all.

1984-Lamborghini-Countach-In Red With Rear Wing
via Carscoops

All old performance cars are a little tough to drive, with quirks and little annoyances here and there. The Lambo just took it too far, with a clutch so impossible even the most skilled drivers would stall the thing and no rear visibility, forcing you to sit outside the car just to reverse the thing.

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