Some 86 million 5G smartphones have been sold in China for the year to date, amid wider 5G network coverage and a growing variety of 5G models, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on its website on Friday.

By the end of June, China had built 400,000 5G base stations nationwide, and thousands more are being built each week. Meanwhile, 197 5G models have been approved for sale in the domestic market. Mobile carriers are building more advanced 5G networks with 200 Mbps speeds, the ministry said.

Almost 60 percent of Chinese users are willing to pay for 5G services, and many consumers have shown a “strong willingness” to adopt 5G services, an industry report by Ericsson concluded.

Meanwhile, China produced over 100 billion integrated circuit units in the first half. These are chips and key components in 5G networks, smartphones and other devices which support digital infrastructure development.

86 million 5G smartphones sold in year to date

Ti Gong

Samsung displays its latest 5G models in a flagship store in Shanghai. 


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