With so many SEO techniques, it’s become almost impossible to determine which ones to stick to and which you can safely ignore.

For example, targeting keywords with the sole intent of improving organic rankings no longer works with search engines but choosing the right keywords is still an important piece to the puzzle.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization is the act of bringing your website to the top of the search engines.

It gets your site ranking for keyword phrases your customers are actually searching and then converting that traffic into moving leads or phone calls.

Fully understanding SEO can be complex, but you don’t have to know everything to get a grasp of what it entails. It’s very important to at least have an idea of what it means in order to properly hire the right SEO company or even take on the task yourself.

In this article, we’re going to go through a quick breakdown of what SEO for moving companies where you are a small moving company or https://www.mybekins.com/location/chatsworth-ca-movers should to look out for when hiring an SEO agency for your moving company.

Here are seven SEO tips to consider for Your Moving Company just to keep you ahead of the game.

7 SEO Tips for Your Moving Company

1. On-Page SEO

If you’re hiring an SEO agency for your moving company, one of the first steps they should be doing is optimizing your website. This means making all the pages optimized for a particular keyword with a good keyword percentage. 

The meta descriptions and interlinking need to be done, as well as photos being optimized as well.

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On-Page SEO also refers to what is actually on your webpages – what keywords to use, title tags, what to write on the page, what to link to, and what else you put on each webpage.

There is a need for balance cause the biggest mistakes many business owners make are over-optimizing their keywords or under optimizing them.

2. Link Out to Credible Pages

Linking out to pages that are credible will help with the authority of your site. Also, link out the pages that have to do with the city you are running out of if you do a lot of local moves. This will help the search engines to better connect the dots that you are located here and offer moving services.

3. Gain Backlinks

Once the on-page is complete, it’s time to get some citations and backlinks. Citations are all those directories out there that help with locating your website on the web. Sometimes backlink can be expensive so getting a personal loan on your credit card from https://www.northamericanbancard.com/ can go a long way. The number one thing in citations to remember is using your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) consistently. This tells the search engines that that directory listing or citation belongs to your website.

4. Check Your Site’s Speed

If your site speed is not what it should be, there are services that can fix your site speed as well as free and simple online tools that will allow you to check your site speed. 

Another important thing to take note of is that most people are searching the internet these days via phone or tablet, therefore, Ensure your site is optimized for mobile, meaning it can be seen on a phone screen and work via phone. These are just some of the factors that go into SEO.

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5. Hire a Qualified SEO Agency

You will really see amazing results with an SEO versus trying this yourself.

SEO agencies such as https://ignitedigital.com/toronto-seo-search-engine-optimization/ work with local clients such as yourself and get your website in great shape for conversions. Meaning, the site will be up to date and easy for your clients to use.

It is important to understand the basics because having a basic understanding can help with finding the right qualified person. Here are 3 Things to look out for in an SEO company:

  • Watch out for overpromises. If you talk to an SEO company who says they can rank, your number 1 in a month…RUN. If they do it successfully, it’s probably going to hurt you in a few months down the line.
  • Make sure there are no contacts unless you 100% trust the company you are working with.
  • Make sure you know what the target keywords are, and make sure that they are relevant to your city and audience.

6. Optimise for Local Searches

Whilst it’s tempting to focus on being number one nationally, operating a local search strategy could also be helpful to a company.

Local search visibility is particularly important in voice queries, where a potential customer might ask Google for the best type of company in a certain area. In such scenarios, Google will read out companies that have the best Google reviews so nurture your Google testimonials to top the SERPs locally.

7. Improve The Onsite User Experience

Having a user-friendly website is a key aspect of SEO. Search engines want to drive users to relevant results on high-quality websites which both answer their questions and provide a good user experience. 

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Creating a good user experience involves the following:

  • User testing and making improvements to provide a better experience for the customer.
  • Optimizing content so users land on the most relevant page for their query,
  • Improving loading times, and
  • Implementing an easy-to-navigate site structure so customers can easily find the pages they want.


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