6 Tips for Writing Outstanding Essays

Want to write an essay that leaves an impression? Well, writing an impressive piece is not plain sailing. But, you can achieve success if you are persistent. We have put together six key tips to help you craft a piece that compels you.

Spare Time for Initial Research

If you have to choose the topic by yourself, make sure you do some brainstorming first. Write down a couple of topics you are interested in, and then read on them. Have the following questions in mind when deciding on a topic:

  • Which topic will allow you to write an interesting and engaging piece?
  • Which topic will allow you to be more expressive?
  • What are your arguments regarding each topic? Which arguments sound more intriguing?

Doing so will help you select a topic that is easy to discuss for you.

But, if you have already been assigned a topic, ensure you comprehend the prompt completely. Sometimes the essay prompts have two or more parts. It is extremely crucial to understand and answer them all. So, read it carefully and research it.

If you don’t give time to research, the probability is you will screw your paper. You wouldn’t be able to give good arguments and evidence. So, always make sure you do the research first.

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6 Tips For Writing Outstanding Essays

Outline the Draft

Another essential step toward crafting an outstanding essay is to outline it first. When you create an outline, you naturally know:

  • How to treat your essay;
  • Where to begin;
  • What to include, what to not;
  • How to conclude;
  • How many paragraphs do you need;
  • Which argument you would discuss first.

It is why it is essential to create an outline before you start writing. An outline normally contains the following:

  • Thesis statement.
  • Arguments or ideas.
  • Counterargument.
  • Evidence.
  • Concluding point.

Hook the Reader

No matter how credible your evidence and strong your arguments are, you must hook your reader from the first sentence. Never use cliches or boring sentences to start your essay.

It is okay to start with a background statement, but that statement must not be too general. Tell the reader something new or interesting. Try to look at issues from a different angle. Doing so would allow you to be unique.

You may also use a controversy, a fun fact, or an anecdote to start your piece. It would engage the reader from the beginning and make them curious to read more.

If you’re struggling with the introductory sentence, you can leave it for the end. First, finish your draft, then come back to the introduction. Since you would have an outline, you know your thesis and what to write in the body. Hence, you can always handle your introduction at the end.

Use Strong Arguments and Evidence

Make sure you have comprehended the topic well. Only then can you develop strong and interesting arguments. The arguments are what make the piece sound interesting. So, don’t just flaunt your vocabulary and command of the English language; your ideas must also be unique and intriguing.

And  to back those ideas/arguments, you must use credible evidence such as:

  • Statistics.
  • Facts.
  • Study findings.
  • Real-life examples.

Using evidence is a must to make your piece credible. But this evidence also must come from a credible source. And, each source must be cited properly to avoid plagiarism.

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Maintain Cohesiveness

When writing your draft, you should not worry too much about the language. Just keep writing. You can always come back and edit once finished.

But, do focus on putting the right information and connecting the sentences. And use each argument in a separate paragraph. Here is a paragraph structure you must follow:

  • Topic sentence.
  • Argument.
  • Evidence.
  • Concluding sentence.

When your body paragraphs have this structure, your entire piece will automatically sound logical. Also, use different transition words to connect your sentences within paragraphs.


Once you have finished writing your draft, it’s time to read it. Read it at least thrice to ensure you have corrected all errors. You can also use writing software or ask a friend to proofread.

You can also opt for professional services if you want your piece to sound perfect. Find any reliable cheap essay writing service Canada and opt for their proofreading services. Their professional editors would ensure your piece is 100% error-free before submitting it.

All in all, crafting a perfect essay is always possible if you know the right steps. So, keep the above tips in mind when you have an essay to write. Following these tips will help you craft a piece that leaves a lasting impression.

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