By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 24, 2020

5G has provided a boost to the global economy and has facilitated the safe, quick, and efficient transfer of volumes of data, ensuring the continuity of economic activities.

Fremont, CA: 5G has begun slowly gaining popularity and the telecommunications technology amid its introduction in the global metropolitan cities. Experts have predicted that in the next decade, over 125 billion devices will run on the 5G network.

Safety is inarguably one of the most sought out features in new technology. Businesses are not willing to gamble millions of dollars’ worth of data to unknown security risks.

Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups - 2019Guaranteed Safety- Another appealing factor is its security, 5G is pinned to be the most secure network with its end-to-end encryption. It aims for a better reach and connectivity than the current cellular networks and shows promising abilities. This is perfect for firms who have a massive digital footprint in terms of voluminous data.

Wider Distribution across networks- Designed primarily for industrial applications, the 5G network is reputed to borrow heavily from edge network computing in terms of cache and storage. 5G ensures that data is spread across more than one network, thus facilitating a swifter exchange of data. There might be slight reluctance in the form of regulatory laws on data privacy.

Absolute Virtuality- Replacing traditional modes of networking, the 5G technology has virtualized all types of functions on the network. The benefits of speed to the market and slashed rates are a bonus. It is slated to run ten times faster than current technology, which will grant additional scopes to move the company’s operations online.

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However, the technology is said to be in its nascent stages as of now, and researchers have also highlighted that the usage of the network will vary from country to country based on technology laws. As for every other technology, there are also some pressing concerns in the form of unauthorized surveillance and hacker possibility.



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