5 Rules You Should Follow To Make Your Electric Vehicle Battery Last Longer – SlashGear

Fast charging is a convenient and speedy way to top up your EV battery, but may cause it to deteriorate faster as a result, according to findings by scientists from the University of California, Riverside. They published a study that showed how fast charging stations eventually cause car batteries to “crack, leak and lose their storage capacities.”

In the report, the researchers conducted a series of tests on EV batteries, which showed that after 13 regular charging cycles, battery storage capacity remained almost the same. But, after fast charging, the capacity dropped much more quickly. The researchers noted that after 40 charging cycles, batteries only had 60% of their storage capacity left.

If you want to prolong the life of your battery for as long as possible slow charging may be the way to go. This can fit in two categories: Level 1 or Level 2 charging. Level 1 is the cheapest but also takes the longest time to charge — 40 to 50 hours from empty to full charge. Level 2 charging can be found in residences and public charging stations. It can fully charge a battery within 4 to 10 hours (via U.S. Department of Transportation).


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