Apple has been making a big deal out of the antivirus capabilities of its Mac computers for years now, in its advertising and messaging, and it’s fair to say that they are indeed remarkably secure, as computers go.

However, that’s very different from meaning that they genuinely are impregnable, and that people shouldn’t worry at all about running antivirus services to protect their device from harmful programmes. The reality is that there are still countless malwares out there designed specifically to target Macs, which should keep you wary. 

Of course, there are also a wealth of antivirus softwares to keep up the protection you’d hope for. One of the very best and most fully-featured out there is offered by Intego – in fact, we wanted to take a look at five factors that make it a superb choice if you’re thinking of picking up some extra armour for your Mac. 

1. It’s Intego’s bread and butter

In the online world it’s easy to set up a new outfit and quickly pump out software, claiming expertise you haven’t earned. The key thing to know about Intego is that, unlike many of its competitors, it’s been around for the long run, all the way since 1997, and has been making software for use with Apple products that whole time.

That means that you’re tapping into more than 20 years of accumulated experience and craft, coming together to make software that improves the lives of people using Apple’s devices, and making sure that the security they hope for is actually reflected by their experience. 

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2. You can set up your own firewall easily

“Firewall” is a word that can have people who are less familiar with technology breaking out in a cold sweat – it sounds scary, and certainly like something that only a programmer could set up and manage. Well, that’s far from true of Intego’s firewall system. 

You can easily set up its NetBarrier programme to variably protect you both at home and on the move, adapting to your use and automatically detecting and blocking any threats. It can also monitor outgoing data, to make sure that you don’t unwittingly send anything suspicious or malicious to your friends and family. It’s a perfect, and perfectly easy, firewall system. 


3. You’ll get your storage space back

Intego’s software suite also includes a Mac Cleaner programme that can be of huge use if you’ve never really taken your files to task. It’s a cleaner that can automatically delete and archive useless or duplicated files that you didn’t even realise were clogging up your storage, freeing up space for the things that matter, like photos and videos.

Of course, you needn’t worry about anything being deleted accidentally, either. Personal Backup ensures that you can revert back to get your old files safely, making sure that the storage on your computer is only ever taken up with the data you want to keep. 


4. Keep your family safe online, too

Of course, when you’re talking about internet security, one of the biggest concerns has to be for younger users, especially if you have a shared family Mac that you all use. One of the great bonus features of Intego’s antivirus software is that it includes a system of parental controls to make sure that young ones are shielded. 

This lets you set up filters and blockers for specific profiles, limiting time and putting predator-monitoring on their online chats. Plus, you can block certain domains entirely, to make sure that they don’t stumble on anything untoward. 


5. You can pick your bundle

What makes the packages offered by Intego feel even better value, though, above and beyond all the features they bring to the table, is that you can choose which ones you want. There are various packages to choose from, whether you want to clean out your computer, back it up, protect it online or set up a firewall.

Of course, for the absolute maximum in value, the best option is the all-in-one offering of the Mac Premium Bundle X9, a package that gives you everything Intego offers in one. It’s a superb option for anyone looking for a good-value way to protect their Mac. 



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