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SEGA Mega Drive Classics

By Relaxnews

May 04, 2020

Retrogaming has never been easier. On, Internet users can access a multitude of classic video games for free: among them, “Sonic 2,” “Aladdin,” the “Mortal Kombat Trilogy,” the extraordinary “Street Fighter II” and the unforgettable “Super Mario World.” Here is a selection of five video games from the 1990s, which offer plenty of thrills to pass the time in this period of social distancing.

Released for the Mega Drive and the Sega Genesis in 1992, “Sonic 2” will bring back fond memories for an entire generation. Unlike its predecessor, the new game offered a multiplayer mode (limited to two players at the time) and ushered in the character of Tails, Sonic’s faithful sidekick. Once they had collected seven emeralds, players could also transform Sonic into Super Sonic, which made the hedgehog invincible for a few fleeting seconds.

Play Sonic 2

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Developed by Midway in 1996, the video game commonly known as MKT was the second update to “Mortal Kombat 3,” which was released in an arcade version a year earlier. Featuring new moves and an “Aggressor” bar, which made characters faster and stronger once it had been completely filled, it gave players all kinds of new ways to strike opponents with a fatal blow.

Play Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Released for the Mega Drive and Genesis in 1993, the game, which centered on a cult character from the Walt Disney universe, was subsequently published in versions for the Game Boy, NES and Playstation 4. Navigating through the different levels, Aladdin can defend himself with his scimitar and pelt his adversaries with apples, at one point he even takes control of a magic carpet.

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Play Aladdin

Developed by Capcom in 1992, the competitive fighting game was released for arcade systems, the Super Nintendo and Sega’s Mega Drive and Genesis. It notably offered an opportunity to try out new functionalities for the characters Ryu and Ken, who could deploy their own distinctive attacks, the “Hadouken” and the “Shoryuken.”

Play Street Fighter II: Champion Edition



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