Need a distraction from — uh, you know, everything? I sure do. And there’s nothing that puts me in a happy, temporarily oblivious place quite like finding underappreciated features for my favorite Googley gadgets.

Earlier this year, we talked about hidden Pixel features — helpful yet out-of-the-way options just waiting to be discovered in Google’s self-made devices. And you’d better believe the things we touched on then are far from the only gems floating around these mobile-tech aquariums.

With Google itself rolling out a fresh wave of Pixel features as we speak (and also the first Android 11 Beta release set to show up sometime soon — though not, as originally scheduled, this week), I thought this would be a fine time to pick up where we left off and make our way through more hidden Pixel features worth uncovering. No matter what generation Pixel you’ve got, there’s something worthwhile waiting here for you.


Pixel feature #1: A smarter ring setup

I don’t know about you, but hearing my phone ring — like, from an actual incoming call (the horror!) — is almost always annoying. No matter what sound I use for the ringtone, something about the noise invariably irritates me and compels me to silence the uninvited beast as quickly as I can.

With your Pixel phone, there’s actually a better way: Last fall, Google quietly added an option into the mix that lets you have incoming calls vibrate first, before any sound is made — and then start ringing quietly, with the volume level increasing gradually as the seconds wear on.

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