If, like us, you’re getting merc’d like a noob in Call of Duty: Warzone, then these top tips from a pro gamer are sure to give you an edge in the new battle royale.

That’s right, other people have put in the hard work so you just have to follow their advice, which goes a little bit further than “get good, scrub”.

Professional Call of Duty player Syndicate was one of the first people in the world to get hands-on with Warzone and he’s honed some game-winning tactics in that time.

So, without further ado, here’s how the pros play Warzone:

Teamwork makes the dream work

While the ping system is nowhere near on the same level as Apex Legends, you’ll want to try and use it as much as possible – despite its obviously clunky handling.

You’ll need teamwork to make the dream work and that’s by alerting your friends to enemies nearby or a weapon you’ve found.

As long as you’re keeping a method of communication with your team, you’ll stand a better chance of being the last squad standing.

Get your loadout

Before you jump into Battle Royale you’ll be able to create your own weapon loadouts.

If you’ve played Modern Warfare before, you could replicate one of your favourite multiplayer loadouts choosing the same weapon and perks you’re familiar with using online.

To access this, you’ll need to call in or find a randomly dropped loadout crate.

Looking down on the massive map, Verdansk (Activision)

Loadout crates are dropped around the Warzone map throughout the game. If you manage to find one you’ll be able to pick a loadout and instantly be rewarded with the weapon and perks you wanted, but there’s a catch – you won’t be the only players wanting to do this. 

These drops can quickly turn into a hotspot for enemies, so take you time, observe the area to see any potential enemies waiting to pounce from windows, sharp corners or hiding nearby and react accordingly. 

Or, while this isn’t entirely advised, you could just make a mad dash to the care package and hope for the best.

Visit the Buy Stations

Speaking of Buy Stations, you’re going to want to take full advantage of these littered throughout the Warzone map. 

Here you’ll purchase supplies that can help you secure the victory. You can buy a range of items including killstreaks, armour bundles, gas masks and more. 

Syndicate highly recommends the self revive kit, which can get you out of a sticky situation if you find yourself knocked down by an enemy and you need to quickly get yourself back up before they come to finish the job. 

Contracts and Plunder

In a pinch for some cash? This is your best option. While you can get Plunder from fallen enemies and by searching loot stashes, the best way by far is by completing contracts such as target eliminations or capturing certain areas once the objective is issued.

If a member of your squad collects one of these contracts you’ll have a short amount of time to try and complete it. Upon doing so, you’ll be rewarded with some cold, hard Plunder.

There are ‘Hunter’ contracts available within Warzone which will give you a specific player to try and eliminate, but be warned, you could also become the target for another team and quickly have the attention drawn to you.​

Prepare for the Gulag

Death is by no means the end in Warzone, if you find yourself on the losing side of a fight fear not as you’ll have a second chance to get back into the action as you enter The Gulag. 

The Gulag puts you in a 1 vs 1 situation where you must take out your opponent. You’ll both have the same weapon and utility, so it will be a test of pure skill, and boy, is it stressful.

It’s important to keep you cool in this 1v1, you have to strike a balance between being aggressive to put pressure on while not just blindly charging into your death.

The winner will be dropped back into the game to re-join their team, the loser is eliminated and will spectate their teammates. 

You only get one shot at The Gulag, so if you are fortunate enough to re-join your team, just keep this in mind.

The Gulag will remain open for the early stages of each game but as you get into the later stages it will eventually close and your only way back into the fight is if your teammates care enough about you to purchase your revive from a Buy Station.


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