According to a report by technology research consulting firm techARC, in India, 43 percent of the smartphone users capture pictures with their devices at least once in a day.

43% of Smartphone users take pictures with the device

As per the findings, 50 percent of the females take a picture with their Smartphones daily, while in males the percentage is 42 percent.

Increasingly, brands are spending on R&D to make the camera experience better.

In the marketing and promotional messaging, brands focus a lot on highlighting the camera functions of a Smartphone and there is every attempt made to educate users about the superiorness of the cameras of respective Smartphones.

The most important insight is about the direct bearing of the quality of the camera with its usage. As the camera quality is relatively better in Smartphones as a user moves to a premium range of the Smartphones, it results in frequent usage of the camera by them.

However, in the Luxe category (above Rs 50,000), the usage dips as the users in this segment largely use Smartphones for productivity and communication uses rather than taking pictures and sharing them over the social networking platforms.

The report said that camera has become the default content generator hardware in a Smartphone. Due to the rising popularity of chat apps, essentially WhatsApp, though the usage of the soft keyboard has increased.

However, the camera has become a significant input hardware, which is not just used for capturing pictures but also works as a portable scanning device through which users create soft copies of many important documents including certificates, receipts, prescriptions, etc.

With immersive technologies expected to rise in future, the relevance of a camera is only going to increase and the Smartphone OEMs will continue to invest in making the camera experience among best features of a Smartphone.



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