You wear it daily, might be slightly obsessive about the Activity app, but are you getting everything you can from using your Apple Watch?

Check the time

No one likes people who check the time in the middle of a meeting, even though everyone does it. Apple Watch lets you check the time surreptitiously – just twist the Digital Crown away from you and the display will illuminate gently so you can check the hour.

Take a picture with your iPhone

This is a great feature:

Open the Camera app on your Apple Watch and you’ll see whatever your front-facing iPhone camera is pointing at. To take a picture tap the large round button, or the small timed button to capture a time shot. Your iPhone will take the image – this is really useful for capturing portrait shots using a tripod – but there’s more…

Flip and flash in Camera

Long press the Apple Watch display while in the Camera app and four additional options appear: Flip, Flash, HDR and Live. Tap flip to see what the FaceTime camera on your phone is looking at, and enable Flash, HDR or Live image capture using the other three buttons.

Call handling powers

When a call comes in you can answer it on your Apple Watch and transfer it to your iPhone – just swipe up to send it across.

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