Batman Arkham Origins

What are video games above all else? Power fantasies, of course. They can transport us to worlds we can never visit in real life, and gift us tools and abilities which make us feel like total badasses.

But balancing the player’s power is fundamental to any successful video game, because if you make the player character over-powered, the sense of accomplishment will feel massively diminished.

And while most video games save their best weapons and abilities until their later stages in order to make a marquee moment out of it, sometimes games will misguidedly strip away your favourite tech and moves when it least makes sense.

Whether it’s a case of a sequel conveniently forgetting about the awesome arsenal of weaponry you amassed in the previous game, or a useful piece of equipment being pointlessly ripped away for “reasons,” these 10 games all failed to justify taking away beloved items with their hilariously flimsy excuses.

Granted, video game logic is rarely water-tight, but even so, these games presented especially low-effort – or even non-existent – reasons for players being deprived of cherished weapons, armour, and accessories…


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