The pure sense of escapism that video games can offer is truly unique and far exceeds the pull of films, books and television when it comes immersion. Gaming gives us the chance to slip away into fantastical worlds for a little while, and forget about the mundanity of life by embarking on epic quests or just tending to some virtual plants.

You know, whatever floats your boat.

Whilst a couple of hours here and there never hurt anybody, some games demand a lot more time and commitment to get the most in return. It’s a slippery slope however and before long those two-to-three hour stints turn into day-long binges where all responsibilities and chores are tossed aside in favour of the game.

The games featured here not only have addictive and rewarding gameplay, but are stuffed to bursting point with content that will ensure you spend all of your free time navigating their worlds, in search of that next objective to while away the hours.

These games will straight up consume your life.


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