For as long a there have been video games, there have been cheats.

Cheat codes (a tool intended for developer use to gain weapons, ammo or invincibility for testing purposes), may be a distant pang of nostalgia for many of us, but that’s only made players more creative in finding ways to break games for their benefit.

Whether you call them cheats, exploits, glitches – or even if they’re built into the game – there are many techniques to circumvent playing a game the way its developers intended.

For some, it would be counterproductive to deliberately shorten a game, either by skipping sequences or trivializing its challenges. But no game is perfect for everyone, and these tricks and shortcuts can save a lot of headaches for repeat players slogging through their least favorite part of a game. And for many, the act of finding these quirks is the funnest part.

Whatever your reason, these are select cheats, exploits, glitches, tips, tricks and shortcuts that make your games drastically easier.


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