Making a video game that maintains player attention for hours and hours is an incredibly difficult task, if only because we’ve all played so many games that so little is actually fresh and exciting to us any more.

And while the titans of the industry can weave their magic to keep players engrossed for dozens of hours, most games aren’t quite so lucky. Many, in fact, might lose players quickly enough that they never even bother playing through to the end.

That was certainly a possibility with these 10 games, all of which offered up totally routine, forgettable gaming experiences until, in the final stretch, they finally ramped up and delivered the full-throttle, face-melting gameplay players were hoping for all along.

While some of these games are acceptable and short enough to warrant playing through to reach the good stuff, others are long enough that you couldn’t really be blamed for sacking them off half-way through and moving onto something else.

In each case, it’s nevertheless clear that a far more exciting and dynamic game was possible…


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